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About us

Changing and transforming world has given rise to transformations in commercial life. To comply with these changes the management of a corporation had to develop means to adopt these changes. When we analyze the facts that underlines change we see that the institutionalization of companies have given rise to the transformation of the concept of management within the course of time.  The changes and transformations gave the companies the possibility to focus on their main fields of activity on one side, while it has also made it inevitable for them to outsource the activities outside their main fields of activity. Aware of these developments E-Plus was founded with the purpose of meeting the needs of the companies for outsourcing in the most appropriate manner beginning from the year 2010.



To increase the importance of the sector in the economy by providing the highest quality of services that may be obtained through management applications.


To be one of the leading actors of the service sector.




The first base of our relationship with the client is the indispensible principle of honesty. While providing our services we will devote ourselves to use right information with truthfulness, without divergence from ethical standards.


All the information belonging to our customers to which we have access will be considered as classified information and will not be disclosed to the third persons unless the appropriate consent of the client is obtained.


Perception of the interests of our client as our own interests leads us to act as an integrated whole with our customers in all the services that we perform. Integrity which is one of the foremost components of the services that we provide to our customers constitutes the first step of adding value to our clients’ activities.


Our ability to meet the demands more rapidly than expected, will increase the satisfaction of our customers and lead us to raise the quality of services to even higher levels. Principle of quality is the second stage of adding value to our client.


Our company will be an organization which adopts continuous process of learning regarding the techniques, methods or decisions which will potentially be used in the future. We will endeavour to introduce all innovations into our services in compliance with core principles adopted and by evaluating all kinds of demands that may come from our clients. Openness to Innovation with modern principles of management forms the third stage of adding value to our customer.


The services that we provide to our customers will be transparent parallel to our principles and all the information that we use in performing our services will be shared with our customers. All the records related to the services that we provide will be available to our customers upon request.
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